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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

The Liberal Arts Advantage

preparation for career, preparation for life

Explore how study of the liberal arts at Boston College develops the ability to think critically, to analyze complex concepts, to make reasoned decisions, and to communicate effectively.


Nothing could have prepared me better for law school and life as an attorney than majoring in English at Boston College did. I most value the writing and speaking skills I developed as an A&S undergraduate student. My professors pushed me to become a more thorough and well-reasoned writer, and my workload as an A&S student kept me reading and writing constantly. —Recent Arts & Sciences Graduate

MCA and S class of 15 after graduation. 62% fulltime paid position. 21.3% graduate, law, or med school.

According to Forbes Magazine, the five top skills that hiring managers are looking for in college graduates are abilities to:

1. Work in a team
3. Obtain and process information
5. Communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization
2. Plan, organize and prioritize work
4. Make decisions and solve problems
In a survey of recent alumni, A&S graduates said these are the skills they gained at Boston College

Tools for planning the future


Career Center’s Endeavor Program brings together sophomores, alumni, and faculty to explore career opportunities


Julie Kelly ’01

Inspiring careers in STEM


Alexa Fleischman '11 is cofounder and CEO of Savvy Society, a San Francisco-based start-up that aims to inspire the next generation of women in STEM through 3-D-printed fashion. 



I loved the multidisciplinary nature of an A&S degree, and the flexibility it offered in terms of allowing me to design my course load based on what I was interested in. I especially loved that there was always a Jesuit identity tied into each class, in that I was consistently reminded that my educational experience was not just about fulfilling my own goals but also about building a career that would serve others. —Recent Arts & Sciences Graduate