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The Final Stretch

April 23

Peru Hiking Trail

Peru Landscape

Ancient Ruins in Peru

Just wanted to drop a quick line to check in with everyone!  It´s crazy to think how quickly this year has already flown by....

I just returned from our excursion to Peru and it was absolutely AMAZING!  The natural beauty of the mountains, lakes, and people is unbelievable!  Being a life-long city girl, it has been a fantastic experience to find myself connecting in new ways with the actual environment and natural world of South America.   There I was, walking through the Incan trail in the Andes Mountains, which so many feet have walked before me for thousands and thousands of years among the same mountains, same landscapes...such an enlivening experience.

Machu Picchu was fabulous and in truth all it's cracked up to be!  If you have the chance, GO!  I wish my words could do it justice, but the grandeur and complexity that it holds are simply stunning!

One of the coolest parts of our trip was a home-stay with an Indigenous family living along Lake Titicaca.  It was only for a night but it was so wonderful to catch a glimpse of what the life they live is like.  We helped cook the daily food and had a chance to do a little exploring, seeing the Indigenous life in action!  In the evening, we went with our families to a song-and-dance festival where they dressed all of us "gringos" in Indigenous clothing and taught us their customs, songs, and dances.   It was a blast and of course I love anything involving songs and dances!

Last week, I hit my "one month left" mark.  I'm finding myself with mixed feelings about leaving the life that I've spent the last 4 months creating, living, growing, and learning from.   Leaving is never easy and re-entry can be just as difficult, but at the same time a piece of me is ready to reconnect with home as well.  I'm doing my best to appreciate each day that I have left for what it is.   All we ever have is the present, right?

As always, thanks for the love...not too long before we're in the same continent!