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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

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Sociology Department

Become a Part of SocialEyes

SocialEyes is seeking undergraduates to join in the process of publishing this journal! We are seeking students for three positions.

1. Editor: As an editor, you will be doing a total of 3 rounds of editing starting from December to March (Dec-Jan, Jan-Feb, and Feb-Mar). How much time you will spend on an editing solely depends on you as long as you make the deadline. The maximum pieces editors will be assigned are 2. Editors must attend one editor workshop on November and editorial board meetings, which will happen once every month from November to March. After March, editors will attend the journal launching party to celebrate their work.

2. Columnist: As a columnist, you will be working under Brianna Dobiesz, our Head of Social Media & Marketing. Columnists will regularly post their opinions on interesting articles or news that has sociological themes and issues in SocialEyes Facebook page. SocialEyes Facebook page is a forum for BC undergraduates to connect and share sociological ideas with one another. Columnists will work from September to May. Columnists also help Brianna with making and posting fliers.

3. Publication: Staffs on publication board will start working on second semester and their duty mainly consists of publishing the journal: designing, organizing, printing, etc.

In SocialEyes, you can take up to 2 positions. While being an editor, you can also   take up a columnist position or a publication position. When you take up 2 positions, we make sure that you are only assigned 1 piece as an editor.

Join now! Email Marie (Jihyun Lee), the Editor in Chief: