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sociology department

This concentration does not have any mandatory requirements. However, themes that are explored in lower level courses provide a foundation for more in-depth study in the higher level courses. The concentration has six central courses, with a wide number of related other courses that are also offered. The six courses in the environmental sociology concentration include:

SOCY1005: Planet in Peril: Environmental Issues and Society

SOCY1025: People & Nature: History & Future Impacts on the Planet (Schor and Parthasarati)

SOCY1031: Society and Environmental Transformations (Gareau)

SOCY1092: Peace or War (Derber)

SOCY3349: Select Topics in Environmental Studies/The Domination of Nature (Gareau)

SOCY3350: Black and Green: Race and Urban Ecology

SOCY3375: Economic Crisis and Social Change (Derber)

SOCY5560: Consumption and Sustainability

SOCY5562: Environmental Sociology I (Gareau)

SOCY7762: Environmental Sociology: Select Topics (Schor)

International Program Summer Course Environmental History of Globalization (Gareau)

Note that links to syllabi are for the most recent times the classes were offered (as of 2013F). Syllabi for the current term may be found at our office hours and syllabus page.