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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Beyond Coursework

Sociology Department

In addition to this stream of courses, those interested in the field of environmental sociology at BC may also meet on a monthly basis for the Environmental Sociology Working Group. This is a forum where students, faculty and other scholars meet to discuss their own research in the field and solicit feedback from others. For more information on attending the Working Group, please contact Monique Ouimette at

Undergraduate students have developed and worked on student initiatives, such as Real Food BC, EcoPledge, and EcoReps. Some undergraduate students even have the opportunity to work on faculty projects, such as Professor Schor’s project on connected consumption supported by the MacArthur Foundation, where two undergraduate students have served as research assistants. Also of interest to students who are interested in the intersection of social and environmental issues are SustainBC (which Sociology faculty were active in founding), the Librarians Green Series, and BC Energy & Environment Alumni Network (BCEEAN).