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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

International Students

Sociology Department

The study of sociology helps people to gain insight into cultures — their own and those of other people — and eases the transition from one society to the next. Here at BC, courses in sociology:

  • teach skills fundamental to the discipline (Introductory Sociology, Research Methods, Statistics, Social Theory, etc.),
  • study American social phenomena (Shop Til You Drop, Deviance and Social Control, Mass Media and American Society, etc.),
  • explore global and international issues (Social Justice in a Global Context, African World Perspective, Sociology of HIV/AIDS: Global & US Experience of Epidemic, etc.).

We offer several of the social science core courses (numbered SOCY1001 through SOCY1999) required by BC, as well as cultural diversity courses. See our course list for a complete list of recently taught courses, and the course schedule for the courses offered this fall and spring.

Application Procedures

To apply to BC, international students must fulfill the regular admissions procedures along with any extra requirements spelled out on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

Useful Links for International Students


Our Orientation section provides information about BC and the Boston area, including a map of the campus and a guide to public transportation.

The Office of International Students and Scholars

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), located at the Thea Bowman House (behind Lyons and Stokes), 72 College Road, is a valuable resource for the approximately 1,100 international students attending BC.

The Connors Family Learning Center

The Connors Family Learning Center also has many useful pages, including a page full of helpful links that features links for ESL students.