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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Medical Careers

Sociology Department

Several aspects of sociology make it a good preparation for the medical field, in particular the understanding it provides of social situations, its methodologies, and its ethical and idealistic focus.

BC has a Health Professions Graduate Studies preparation website, which provides information about BC’s pre-med, pre-vet, and pre-dental programs. The Career Center also provides valuable resources for students interested in medical careers.

The Sociology Department offers multiple courses that examine issues surrounding health concerns and medical practices. Students who wish to pursue careers in the medical field should supplement these with other courses and activities, depending on their occupational goals.

  • Internships allow students to gather relevant experience and make contacts in their chosen industry. The Sociology Department offers two internship courses (SOCY5540* and SOCY5541*), which provide both course credit and internship experience. The Career Center also has extensive information about internships and programs.
  • More classes to consider are relevant courses in the Biology and Psychology departments. Students interested in management should also explore courses in the Carroll School of Management. Additionally, the Connell School of Nursing provides courses open to all students and offers a Master’s Entry Route for students with a non-nursing undergraduate degree.
  • Finally, students can also set themselves apart with awards and fellowships. See our awards page for a list of possible fellowships, along with a list of previous sociology majors who have won awards and recognition at BC.

Related Sociology Classes

  • SOCY1002 Intro to Sociology for Healthcare Professionals* (offered periodically)
  • SOCY1078 Sociology of Health and Illness* (offered periodically)
  • SOCY1096 Aging and Society* (offered frequently)
  • SOCY1097 Death and Dying* (offered almost every term)
  • SOCY5525 Social Gerontology* (offered frequently)
  • SOCY5540 Internship in Sociology I* (offered nearly every term)
  • SOCY5541 Internship in Sociology II* (offered nearly every term)

*All course descriptions can be viewed on our Course Description page.