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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Studies

Sociology Department

Sociology examines the organization, structure, and change of societal groups. It combines rigorous methods of inquiry and analysis with a remarkable freedom of choice in research topics: mass media, the environment, racism, gender issues, class, war and peace, and deviance and social control, to name just a few possible topics. At Boston College, sociologists also take a transformative, activist approach toward issues of social injustice and inequality, making the sociological experience here not only rigorous and creative but socially relevant and engaged. Training in this field is useful in a broad range of occupations, and also prepares students for graduate study in a number of disciplines.

The diverse possibilities in sociology are reflected by our faculty, which includes scholars like Stephen Pfohl, who studies postmodernism and psychoanalysis, among other topics, Sociology undergrad alumnus Philip McHarris and who creates art that experiments with new mediums of sociological exchange; Zine Magubane, an influential scholar and prolific writer (with article titles like "Globalization and Gangster Rap: Hip Hop in the post Apartheid City”); Juliet Schor, who's been interviewed on the Today show, NPR, and elsewhere for her research and books on the impact of consumerism on daily life; and many others.

Our faculty and our students (both grad and undergrad) also provide examples of social commitment. Sociology Honors students, for example, typically develop thesis projects reflecting this commitment. Our majors frequently win awards offered by the university and elsewhere, particularly awards that recognize activism and service. For both grad and undergrad sociology students, social commitment often carries over into their post-graduate employment, like former undergrad student Saya Hillman, an award winning independent film maker who works to eradicate social problems.

We invite you to look over our website and see whether the study of sociology at Boston College seems right for you. Be sure to note the undergrad journal, SocialEyes, which offers publishing opportunities and a chance to serve on the editorial board. If you have any questions about our program, feel free to email us at, call 617-552-4130, or drop by our office at McGuinn 426.


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