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Alumni Testimonials

Sharon Reilly, Non-Profit Sector Organization - Cohort 16

“Leadership For Change was the most productive use of 11 months of my time.  I gained valuable insights that influenced my leadership style in all areas of my life.  I came to LFC seeking clarity about purpose in both my professional and personal life and I can say that I’ve never been more happier.  Thank you LFC for the keys to unlock so many doors.  Change does not always come easily and the staff are not magicians so there is a level of personal accountability that one has to invest in order to be the change you are seeking.”


Jean Tennyson, Social Sector Organization - Cohort 5

“The program content and the quality of the LC experience gave me a practical, motivating opportunity to develop skills and gain insights that significantly accelerated my development as a leader and gave me the confidence to make significant advances personally and professionally.”


Mike Haggerty, USPS - Cohort 10

"Leadership for Change is still with me. The personal transformation I experienced at LC has affected my whole life."


Meryl Moss, Physicians Medical Group - Cohort 5

"My project wasn’t only about outcomes or achievements. It was about my learning. It was about the way I work with others to affect change. Leadership for Change is about being reflective not reactive; about facilitating rather than directing; listening rather than talking. It is about continuously and relentlessly testing assumptions, asking people what is on their minds, and being open about their feedback."


John Downes, Jr., Architecture/Design/Engineering Organization - Cohort 7

"I was able to uncover a new means for implementing change in Leadership for Change. I have changed as a result of this experience and I will always have the tools I uncovered this year!"


Nick Pasquenza, Construction Industry - Cohort 10

"The Leadership for Change focus on self reflection helped me obtain a better understanding about myself and what I like, dislike, and/or need to change. The structure of Leadership for Change promotes an understanding of the world around us and how we fit. I think the whole program boils down to how a person fits into the world and about doing well while doing good."


Jodi McDonough, Health Care Industry - Cohort 4

"It never ceases to amaze me how attending events with Leadership for Change alumni, faculty and/or enthusiasts rekindles the fire within."


Deborah Gorhan, Health Care Manufacturing Organization - Cohort 8

"Leadership for Change program validated my commitment to meaningful work. It reminded me that one person can make an impact on any level. As a result, I can act as a change agent for individuals, as well as groups, organizations, and society."


Joe Parisi, Retail - Cohort 2

As a Vice President of a small lumber company, Joe diagnosed why part-time workers lacked commitment; implemented new training procedures; and developed the company's relationship with its temporary work force. This intervention not only improved the job quality and retention of the part-time workers, but also demonstrated his organization's commitment to all employees.