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"I liked the interactiveness of the curriculum where everyone is given an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback."

"The progression from the individual module to the societal module assisted in my learning process and to grasp some pretty complicated material.  The project offered a great opportunity to put learning into practice."

Leadership for Change includes six, two-day course modules. The first four modules focus on individual, group, organizational, and societal/global issues and change. The fifth and sixth modules concentrate on the participants' employer-based projects.

Foundation Module
At this session, participants are introduced into the Leadership for Change learning community and their learning teams. In the tradition of Leadership for Change, this session uses a "World Café" format to give participants an opportunity to identify workplace dilemmas, share perspectives, and begin to form a learning community.

Individual Level MODULE 1
Organizations are only as effective as the individuals who work in them. By focusing on personal development, this module provides a foundation for building leadership skills.

Group Level MODULE 2
Group effectiveness forms a critical basis for organizational success to accomplish projects, tasks, and innovative strategies. This module focuses on developing collaborative leadership capacity when working closely with others for change.

Organizational Level MODULE 3
Constructive and effective change requires visions and values that enable others to achieve the organization's purpose. A multiple bottom focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, communities, governments and owners.  Participants develop the requisite skills for successful organizational transformation.

Societal / Global Level MODULE 4
Societal change requires leaders who take appropriate risks and understand their own efficacy. While large-scale social and environmental change seems difficult, this module provides keys to understanding how responsible leaders take effective actions for constructive change.

Project Development MODULE 5
This dedicated session provides participants the foundation for a work-based learning project. It emphasizes research and inquiry, intervention strategies, and the process of project development. Individual Projects can be research studies, organizational interventions, policy developments, or concept formulations. Each project needs to satisfy standards of academic rigor, work-based productivity, and satisfactorily benefit multiple stakeholders.

During the Project Phase of Leadership for Change, participants attend workshops focused on project development and support using a frame-work of practice and reflection to create a persuasive and effective work-based project.

Charles R. Edmunson Project Presentations: MODULE 6
All participants formally present their individual projects and reflect on their learning in June. This module showcases the leadership learning that has taken place and the project outcomes to date. It also provides a space for participants to share ideas with faculty and each other about their projects.

Leadership for Change dedicates the Project Presentation Module to the memory of Charles Edmunson, a founding business partner of Leadership for Change. Charles gave great value to the development of Leadership for Change through his power of listening and his gift of service to workers and colleagues. As a national leader in the employee ownership movement, he inspired thousands of people. In a world of ego, he was a man without pretension or guile. His life works and actions demonstrated his goal to bring "grace and integrity to the lives of others."