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Program Director's Message

Rebecca Rowley


Leadership for Change Alumni and Faculty Dialogue on Sustainability For fifteen years, the faculty and business partners of Leadership for Change have developed, designed, and facilitated the LC program.  Their academic research on responsible leadership and their business practices, integrated with current events, have shaped the unique Leadership for Change curriculum.  LC’s work-based curriculum addresses responsibility and sustainability while developing and empowering leadership at organizational and societal levels.

Although Leadership for Change currently addresses sustainable action in both the workplace and society, we are seeing an increasing knowledge gap regarding the environment and information related to global warming. So much print space is dedicated to sustainability and the environment these days that it is easy to become overwhelmed and unable to know how to act. Within Leadership for Change however, this increase of information and personal concern for the environment has resulted in numerous projects related to sustainable practices.

To formalize this new direction Leadership for Change engaged alumni, current participants, and faculty in a redesign of the LC curriculum related to sustainability.  This broad collaboration included alumni from thirteen different cohorts.  Overall, the April event included 25 alumni and 12 faculty who addressed the LC curriculum as it relates to sustainability in business practices, society, LC projects, and the environment.

Recommendations to the curriculum included a full week-end session or module on sustainability, weaving sustainability and the environment into the existing four modules of leadership development (Individual, Group, Organization, and Society) or creating a separate Sustainability Workshop in support of project development. “Stimulating” conversations on sustainability also reconnected alumni to “the energy” of Leadership for Change.

As a result of this event, Leadership for Change will interlace sustainability into each module and develop a Sustainability Workshop co-facilitated by LC faculty member, Charles Derber from the Sociology Department, business partner, Ken Mirvis of The Writing Company, and LC alum and business partner, Peter Crawley. In the tradition of LC, alumni will be an important collaborative resource in future program development.

Rebecca Rowley, Director