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Graduate Studies in Sociology at Boston College

Sociology Department

Director of Graduate Studies
Sara Moorman

Director of Graduate Admissions
Natasha Sarkisian

Social Economy and Social Justice: Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context

Many things make Boston College an attractive site to study sociology. Our talented and widely published faculty are committed to strong teaching and research and to providing in-depth exposure to the central traditions of sociology while encouraging innovative interdisciplinary inquiry. Many of our faculty members are public sociologists who are committed to making a difference in the world outside of the academy, and who frequently appear in the national and international media.

Another major advantage of graduate studies at Boston College is the high quality of students drawn to our program. Our graduate program has a social justice theme that attracts students who are as passionate about changing the world as they are about academic excellence.

Our faculty and graduate students have wide-ranging interests, but we have particularly strong concentrations of expertise in the areas of: Aging and the Life Course; Advanced Statistical Methodology; Environmental Sociology; Family and Carework; Gender; Global and Transnational Sociology; Qualitative Methods; and Race. Our faculty clusters page provides a sense of our leading concentrations of faculty interest and expertise.

Two additional aspects of our graduate program include our Departmental Seminar Series--an ongoing forum for exposing students and faculty to cutting-edge research and writing in the social sciences--and our Distinguished Visiting Scholars Series. The Visiting Scholar Series brings leading sociological scholars to the Boston College campus for an intensive period of residency, providing a unique opportunity for graduate students to dialogue and develop relations with a wide variety of important sociologists.


Juliet Schor, Luka Carfagna, Bobby Wengronowitz

Professor Juliet Schor and Sociology graduate students Lindsey Carfagna and Robert Wengronowitz were interviewed about some of the issues in Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plenitude: Case Studies of the New Economy, edited by Schor and Craig Thompson.

Betsy Leondar-Wright

PhD alumna Betsy Leondar-Wright, whose dissertation was published by Cornell University Press as Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures, did over 40 workshops on her book tour. Her organization Class Action also launched an Activist Class Cultures online kit so that people working for social justice can access the ideas on the web.