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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

New Employees

This page provides information that's usually only needed by new employees. You should also feel free to ask the Administrative Assistant to answer questions or help you with any problems that you might have.

Office Information
General Information
Money Related

Office Information

    Office phone numbers:
2-4283 fax

Campus phone numbers:
Campus Operator:

IT Helpline:
617 552-4357(HELP)

School Closing Information:
To make calls:
To make a phone call to another
on-campus number, dial the last 5 digits of the full, 10 digit phone number.

To make a phone call to a local (617)(781)(etc) number, dial 9 to get an outside line (example: 9-617-xxx-xxxx).

To make a long distance call
  • Hit *99 on your phone
  • Enter your 5 digit PIN
  • When you hear a dial tone, enter 9
  • Dial 1, then area code, then phone #
  • *99-PIN-9-1-area code + (xxx-xxxx)
To get messages:
  • Dial (617) 552-4006 (2-4006 on campus) to log into the voicemail system.
  • When prompted, enter the last 5 digits of your phone number (2-xxxx) and press #.
  • Type in your pin number when prompted and press #.
  • The system will tell you how many messages you have. Follow instructions to  listen to messages, etc.
  The mail sent to you is brought in around noon, and on most days it will be put in your mailbox in room 426 before 2:00. Your outgoing mail (both on- and off-campus) can be put in 426 as well, in the tray on the Staff Assistant's desk. The outgoing mail is taken to the mail center some time after 2:00 in the afternoon. Express mail envelopes and address forms are on the filing cabinet near the copy machine. If there are none there, there should be more in the campus post office (the second floor of McElroy).

You can also take any of your mail that's already stamped to the post office or to one of the on-campus mailboxes.

If you need an address for someone on campus, you can find it in the directory or on the BC search engines.

  Making Copies
  This office is understaffed, so in general, you make your own copies. If we have work studies, they can help out, and the office staff can also help in an emergency. The copy machine is in room 426. If you run out of paper, there should be more on the shelves to the right of the copier. If not, let the office staff know.
  Getting Supplies
  Supplies are in room 426, mostly in the Action Camus cabinet. If you run out of something, let the Staff Assistant know.


Contact Information

  The faculty for the current term are listed with their email addresses on the Quick Contact page of the Sociology Department webpage.
Campus Groups
  Campus Groups is a feature of Agora Portal which lets you collect a list of email addresses under a single name to simplify group mailings. Existing lists include: - All professors, staff, and grad students - Graduate students
Your Classes
An email is automatically created to let you communicate with your classes. (See the Course Scheduling section of the Faculty Resources page for details.)
BC Search Engines
  Departmental Meetings
Departmental meetings are from 12:00 - 1:30 on Mondays or Wednesdays, generally in room 415. Check the departmental calendar for meeting dates, as well as other scheduled events.


General Information

  You will need a parking sticker and a card to be able to park your car on campus. There are different kinds of parking passes you can read about on the Transportation department parking page. The cheapest one at this point is a G permit, which started off at $10 per month and costs more every year. They say that this is taken out of your pay every month. You sign up for your preference and arrange for payment on the parking permits and citations link on Agora Portal. Afterwards, you'll need to pick up your parking sticker and card at Student Services in Lyons Hall.
  Your ID Card
  Your ID card is obtained at Lyons Hall. You go to the main counter to get it; all you'll need is your license.
  User Name and Password
  Your user name and password will generally be the first 8 letters of your last name, or your last name + the first initials of your first name up to 8 letters. (The Administrative Assistant can tell you exactly what yours is.) Your temporary password will be the first 8 digits of your Eagle ID. You'll need to sign into, and will be prompted to choose your own password. There are now 3 security credentials: "password" is the chosen alpha/numeric 8-15 characters. "pin" is a 5 digit pin and is used for voice mail but may also be changed in Agora by the user. "LDAC" is the same as the pin. In this case, the 5 digit number is used as the long distance dialing code.
  Maps and Tours
  • Undergrad admissions periodically provides campus tours: check their schedule for days and times.
  • Campus maps: A grid map of this campus and a menu of other web-based maps for BC campuses.
Information Systems
There are two overarching systems which organize BC information: Agora and UIS. Of the two, Agora is newer, has more options, and, unlike UIS, is available off campus. In certain cases, UIS is more flexible and has more information. Each system has its own help screens/instructions (accessed by PF1 in UIS).

You can access Agora from the BCInfo page. Many (but not all) of its services are listed on this opening page. Note that email is available through Agora.

To use UIS, click on the Q on the lower left of your computer tool bar and sign into the system using your regular user name and password. Once you've reached the Application Menu, type 1 to use the administrative system. This will take you to the main menu. Many (but not all) of its services are listed on the main menu.

Our departmental calendar shows important dates.

For more general information about the department, the university, and the area, see the Orientation section of our website.


Money Related

In general, when it comes to money, the Staff Assistant handles reimbursements. Your payroll is handled by the office of the AVP (specifically Susan Hynes). If you do encounter any problems with your payroll, you can either call the Administrative Assistant or call Susan directly at 2-4780.
  Your pay
Your pay will be direct deposited into your account.


See information about reimbursements, including reimbursements for travel, on our Faculty Resources page.