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Quick-Contact List

sociology department

The following Professors can be reached via phone by calling 617-552-4130. You can also see their office hours in our syllabus section.

Tenured/Tenure Track Professors

Name Title Email
Sarah Babb Professor
Charles Derber Professor
Wen Fan Assistant Professor
William Gamson Professor
Brian Gareau Associate Professor
Paul Gray Associate Professor
Sharlene Hesse-Biber Professor
Andrew Jorgenson Professor
Zine Magubane Associate Professor
Michael Malec Associate Professor
C. Shawn McGuffey Associate Professor
Sara Moorman Associate Professor
Gustavo Morello Assistant Professor
Stephen Pfohl Professor
Natalia Sarkisian Associate Professor
Juliet Schor Professor and Chairperson
Eve Spangler Associate Professor
John Williamson Professor

Research Professors

Name Email
Lisa Dodson
Eva Garroutte
Charlotte Ryan

Visiting Assistant Professor

Name Email
Kyoung-yim Kim

Professors Emeriti

Name Email
Severyn Bruyn
John Donovan
Lynda Lytle Holmstrom
David Karp
Ritchie Lowry
Paul Schervish

Senior Visiting Lecturer

Name Email
Mindy Fried

Part-time Professors

Name Email
James Hamm
Jessica Hedges
Deborah Piatelli
Amy Sousa

Teaching Fellows

Name Email
William Attwood-Charles
Julia Bates
Jared Fitzgerald
Jeremiah Morelock
Monique Ouimette
Robert Wengronowitz
Selen Yanmaz