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Eva Garroutte

sociology department

Eva Garroutte

Research Associate Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University

McGuinn Hall 426
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Phone: 508-545-2458

Curriculum Vitae*






Native American Studies; health disparities; racial and ethnic identity; medical communication; religion; storytelling.


Dr. Garroutte received her Ph.D. in sociology from Princeton University in 1993 and is now an associate professor of sociology at Boston College. An enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Dr. Garroutte has a background of research and publication related to the study of Native American issues, health; disparities associated with aging and culture; racial/ethnic identity, and religion.

Past publications include a book, Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America, and various articles in sociological and health-related journals.

In collaboration with Cherokee Nation Health Services, Dr. Garroutte has conducted a series of research projects funded by the National Institute on Aging to examine medical communication needs among American Indian elders using tribal clinics. Currently, she is a co-investigator on three projects funded by the National Cancer Institute to address cancer disparities in American Indians by (1) implementing culturally-tailored interventions targeted to specific tribal populations, and (2) training a cadre of American Indian post-doctoral researchers to continue such work. Another ongoing project explores the dynamics of an urban American Indian community through the life histories of its members. Dr. Garroutte’s current service on editorial advisory boards includes the Journal of Native Aging and Health, the American Indian Quarterly, and the University of Arizona Press series, Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies. She also serves as board member of Healing Through Language, an initiative of the Endangered Language Fund, Yale University. She is a past Area Commissioner of Indian Affairs in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


SOCY1037 - Introduction to American Indian Societies
SOCY1072 - Inequality in America
SOCY1001 - Introduction to Sociology for Majors
SOCY4961 - Senior Honors Seminar


Dr. Garroutte has made invited presentations at the US. Bureau of the Census and at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution. She has received fellowship awards for participation in advanced summer institutes sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012) and the RAND Corporation (2009). Her book Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America was chosen as the subject of an Author Meets Critics" panel at the 2011 meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association in Seattle, WA.


As co-investigator with researchers at the University of Washington at Seattle, Dr. Garroutte was awarded funding from the National Cancer Institute in 2010 for the following research projects:

  1. Center for Native Population Health Disparities (1 P50 CA148110-01/CA-09-001, PI Buchwald), National Cancer Institute (05/01/2010-03/31/2015)
  2. Regional Native American Community Networks Program (CA-05-012,
    PI Buchwald and Henderson). National Cancer Institute (09/15/2010-08/31/2015)



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Invited Chapters

Garroutte, Eva and Kathleen Dolores Westcott. (Forthcoming 2013, spring). "The story is a living being”: Companionship with stories in Anishnaabe Studies. In Jill Doerfler, Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, and Niigonwedom James Sinclair, eds. Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World Through Stories. Michigan State University Press.

Garroutte, Eva Marie and Snipp, C. Matthew (Forthcoming 2013). “The Canary in the Coal Mine: What Sociology Can Learn from American Indians.” Accepted for inclusion in Maximilian Forte, ed. Who is an Indian? Sighting and Certifying Indigeneity in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century. University of Toronto Press.

Garroutte, Eva Marie and Kathleen Dolores Westcott. (2008). “’The Stories are Very Powerful’: A Native American Perspective on Health, Illness and Narrative.” Pp. 163-84. In Religion and Healing in Native America. (Ed., Suzanne Crawford). Westport, Conn.: Praeger Press.

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