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sociology department

We have a distinguished faculty with a commitment to first-rate research, teaching, and service, along with a dedication to our theme of Social Economy and Social Justice: Gender, Race and Class in a Global Context. Our faculty members specialize in a wide variety of sociological subfields (see our Faculty Profiles page), write influential books, and publish widely in major sociological journals. A significant number consider themselves to be public sociologists, whose work is influential beyond the academy, and many engage in activism at the local level and beyond.

Their teaching and mentoring is reflected in our award winning students and alumni. Students work closely with faculty on research and publication projects, and we have many examples of co-authored publications between faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate. We encourage a very broad, interdisciplinary approach to sociological inquiry, and a collaborative, flexible learning environment in which students can achieve their full potential.

To see faculty specialties and access their websites, check out our Faculty Profiles page. To examine some of their course syllabi, see our Syllabus section (which has syllabi going back to 2007). The Faculty Clusters page is intended to help graduate students form committees for their MA theses, area exams, and dissertations. Keep in mind when viewing it that we do have faculty in specialty areas not included on the clusters page, and that students are also free to solicit faculty from other departments within BC and from other universities to serve on their committees.

Lisa DodsonSociology Research Professor Lisa Dodson’s latest book, The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy, has generated a great deal of surprise, media attention, and debate. She describes it on a brief online interview with the Boston College magazine.


Shawn McGuffeyAssociate Sociology Professor Shawn McGuffey, recent winner of the Best Article Award from the ASA's Sexuality Section, has expanded his research with the Black Sexuality Project into a large, four-city project. He’s also supplemented this research with comparative work in South Africa.


Charles DerberProfessor Charlie Derber is a prolific author on a range of topics (his latest book, The Surplus American: How the 1% is Making Us Redundant, focuses on the repercussions of financial inequality). Like many of our faculty, he’s also an outstanding mentor to students. He coauthored The New Feminized Majority with sociology major Katherine Adam, who is the first BC student to publish a book based on her undergrad thesis.