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Spring 2015 Syllabi

Sociology Department

Instructor Office Hours Courses
Sarah Babb M & TH 1:30-3 SOCY2210.01/Research Methods
Emily Barko By appointment
SOCY3370.01/Gender, Health & Inequality
Julia Bates M & W 3-4 SOCY2215.02/Social Theory
Lara Birk T & TH 2-3:30 SOCY1001.01/Introductory Sociology
SOCY1001.02/Introductory Sociology
SOCY3314.01/Mental Illness & Society
Michael Cermak By appointment
SOCY3350.01/Black and Green: Race and Urban Ecology
Charles Derber T & TH 3-3:30 SOCY1092.01/Peace or War: United States/Third World
SOCY3375.01/American Economic Crisis and Social Change
Mindy Fried By appointment SOCY5508.01/Applied Sociology
Brian Gareau By appointment SOCY5570.01/Political Sociology
SOCY7761.01/Second Year Graduate Writing Seminar
Paul Gray W & TH 10:30-11:30
SOCY1093.01/Comparative Social Change
SOCY4931.01/Important Readings in Sociology
SOCY4962.01/Advanced Independent Research
SOCY4963.01/Senior Honors Thesis
William Griffith
Computer Science
Contact Instructor SOCY6670.01/Technology and Culture
Julie Grigsby History Department
Contact Instructor SOCY2225.01/Introduction to Feminisms
Jessica Hedges By appointment
SOCY3310.01/Studies in Crime and Social Justice
Sharlene Hesse-Biber T & TH 11-12 SOCY5510.01/Approaches to Mixed Methods Research
SOCY5593.01/Advanced Topics: Transnational Feminisms
Kimberly Hoang Sign up online
SOCY4540.01/Qualitative Research Methods
SOCY5559.01/Economic Sociology
Brett Ingram
Communication Department
Contact Instructor SOCY3368.01/Masculinity, Sexuality, and Difference
Kyoung-yim Kim T & TH 12-1:15 SOCY3358.01/Gender and Sports
Michael Malec M 2-4, W 3-4,
F 10:30-11:30
SOCY3359.01/Sports in American Society
Liam Martin W 2:30-5 SOCY1001.04/Introductory Sociology
SOCY3308.01/Crime and Punishment in America
Shawn McGuffey TH 3-5 SOCY1043.01/Introduction to African American Society
SOCY7710.01/Social Inquiry Research Seminar
Sara Moorman T 10:30-11:30
TH 2-3
SOCY1078.01/Sociology of Health and Illness
SOCY3397.01/Social Determinants of Health across Life Course
Gustavo Morello By appointment
SOCY1036.01/Introduction to Latin American Societies
SOCY4941.01/Sociology Senior Seminar
Stephen Pfohl T & TH 4:30-5:30 SOCY1030.01/Deviance and Social Control
SOCY7716.01/Contemporary Social Theory
Deborah Piatelli TH 5:30-6:30 SOCY2255.01/Advanced Community Service Research Seminar II
Sarah Ryan
School of Social Work
Contact Instructor SOCY5565.01/Introduction to Social Work
Natasha Sarkisian By appointment
SOCY7706.01/Longitudinal Data Analysis
SOCY9981.01/Dissertation Seminar
Eve Spangler T & TH 12-1 SOCY1072.01/Inequality in America
SOCY2215.01/Social Theory
Lisa Stevens
School of Education
Contact Instructor SOCY8923.01/Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality
Margaret Thomas
Slavic and Eastern Languages
Contact Instructor SOCY2275.01/Language and Ethnicity
John Williamson M 4-5
T & TH 2-2:45
SOCY1097.01/Death and Dying
SOCY5540.01/Internship in Sociology I
SOCY5541.01/Internship in Sociology II

SOCY7703.01/Multivariate Statistics
Ted Youn
School of Education
Contact Instructor SOCY5568.01/Sociology of Education

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