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News and Announcements

sociology department

Faculty Announcements

Juliet SchorJuliet Schor has been named the Matina S Horner Visiting Professor at Radcliffe. She will work on her next book, about people consciously embracing more sustainable consumption practices.

She was also listed as one of the Five Superstar Women Sociologists You Should Know in the sociology section of About Education.

Brian GareauBrian Gareau has been awarded a $30,000 Ignite grant from the Office of the Provost as part of a new internal grant initiative designed to spur research across the University. His project addresses threats posed by climate change.
Shawn McGuffeyAssociate Professor of Sociology C. Shawn McGuffey participated in an international conference in Tanzania on the work of the International Criminal Court in Africa.

Paul SchervishThe Boston Globe profiled Paul Schervish and the Center for Wealth and Philanthropy as Paul approaches retirement and the work of the CWP draws to a close.

Charles DerberProfessor Charles Derber's recent book, Capitalism: Should You Buy It?, co-written with Yale Magrass, received a Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title award. The book was recently featured by BC Bookmarks.
Kyoung-yim KimIn November of 2014, Kyoung-yim Kim received an award for the outstanding published article in the sociology of sport for the past year. The award, announced at the annual meeting of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, was for “Translation with ‘abusive fidelity’: Methodological issues in translating media texts about Korean LPGA players,” published in Sociology of Sport Journal.
Juliet SchorProfessor Juliet Schor and sociology graduate students Lindsey Carfagna and Robert Wengronowitz were interviewed about some of the issues in Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plenitude: Case Studies of the New Economy, edited by Schor and Craig Thompson.

Gustavo MorelloAssistant Professor Gustavo Morello, S.J. participated in the panel discussion on Race in the U.S.A.: Expectations, Concerns, and Hopes in 2015.

International Education WeekSociology faculty Eve Spangler and Brian Gareau gave presentations as a part of BC’s International Education Week. Eve presented Global Horizons in Sociology, and Brian presented Peace Corps as a Post-Graduate Option.
Sara MoormanSara Moorman was part of a panel discussion on Global Public Health as part of the Advancing Research and Scholarship initiative at Boston College.

Shawn McGuffeyShawn McGuffey has been invited to a policy meeting in Tanzania to discuss Darfurinan refugees with African/regionally-based experts, policy makers, human rights practitioners, and representatives from the Hague.

Sharlene Hesse-BiberWaiting for Cancer to Come by Sharlene Hesse-Biber is the first book to explore the complicated emotional, social, economic and psychological turmoil facing women who learn, through genetic testing, of their high risk for breast or ovarian cancer.
Charles DerberCharles Derber was interviewed on NPR about the significance of protests regarding the Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions.
Lisa DodsonAn article by Lisa Dodson and co-author Nancy Folbre, What Happens When the Person Taking Care of Your Mom Can’t Earn a Living Wage?, was just published in The American Prospect.
Julie SchorJuliet Schor was recently quoted in a New York Times article on the rise of the rental economy.
Brian GareauSociology Assistant Professor Brian Gareau participated in the plenary session of the 2014 Conference of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS), held at Pace University, NYC from June 11-14.
Sharlene Hesse-BiberProfessor Sharlene Hesse-Biber’s blog on the Huffington Post describes the issues of men with breast cancer.
Kimberly HoangAssistant Professor Kimberly Hoang's article “Competing Technologies of Embodiment: Pan-Asian Modernity and Third World Dependency" has co-won the Section on Asia and Asian America Research Paper Award.
Sharlene Hesse-BiberSharlene Hesse-Biber, author of Waiting For Cancer To Come: Genetic Testing and Women's Medical Decision Making for Breast and Ovarian Cancer, was interviewed on WGBH about the issues around Angelina Jolie's decision to have additional surgery.

Grad Student Announcements

Annelise HagarThe Berkeley Journal of Sociology has published MA student Annelise Hagar's photo essay, entitled "Existence in Resistance."

Jeff StokesJeff Stokes received the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools outstanding master's thesis award. He was also named the GSAS Engelhard Pingree Fellow in recognition of his scholarship.
Patricia Leavy

Ph.D. alumna Patricia Leavy is the first sociologist to win the American Creativity Association Special Achievement Award, which honors achievements in innovation and creativity in all fields.

Luka CarfagnaLuka Carfagna has been named a recipient of the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award for 2014-2015. The awards ceremony will be held at 4:00 p.m. on April 29th, in the Heights Room in Corcoran Commons.

Amanda FreemanAmanda Freeman is one of two graduate students awarded with the Robert Dentler Award for Outstanding Student Achievement from the Sociological Practice and Public Sociology section of the American Sociological Association.
Mike CermakPh.D. alumnus Michael Cermak won a 2014 Claude Award for best pedagogy essay for his Contexts article, Teaching a Hip-Hop Ecology.

Undergraduate Announcements

Malia Allen and Katherine Wullert participating in the annual ASA meetingSociology seniors Malia Allen and Katherine Wullert participated in the annual meeting of the ASA last August. (See Details.)
Philip McHarrisSociology major Philip McHarris, graduating in 2014, was featured in the Chronicle as a senior to remember.

Announcements for Academic Year 2014