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News and Announcements

Andrew JorgensonAndrew Jorgenson will give a talk entitled Development, Inequality, and Disproportionality: Human Drivers of GHG Emissions and the Carbon Intensity of Human Well-Being at Harvard on 12/5 at 4pm. The talk is open to the public.

Julia BatesPh.D. candidate Julia Bates will discuss her dissertation research: "U.S. Empire and Educational Philanthropy in Africa: The Making of the Black American Colonial Subject, 1919-1922" on Wed 12/7 in Lyons 301.

Brian GareauSociology professor Brian Gareau recently spoke to a large on-campus audience on the Sociology of Climate Change. The event was sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy.

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SocialEyes cover

SocialEyes is our undergraduate academic journal, run by the students themselves. Check out their latest issue, Spring 2016.

Departmental Seminar

Professor Bruce Carruthers presented a talk on “Contracts, Clauses, and Credit Ratings: Distributed Governance in Global Finance” at our departmental seminar earlier this term.


Traditional conceptions of governance view it as a top-down process whereby control is deliberately exerted by powerful incumbents. In modern financial markets, however, a great deal of governance is dictated by an assemblage of artifacts, devices, conventions, contracts, and rules. And the effects they produce are often unintended. Professor Carruthers discussed the public and private roles played by credit ratings to support this argument about the importance of distributed governance.