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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Sociology Department

Boston College

News and Announcements

CTheory coverProfessor Stephen Pfohl's collage “Violet Valley Plaza” has been used as the cover art for a recent edition of the journal CTheory, which also features one of his essays.

Ritchie LowryRitchie Lowry, who established the sociology Ph.D. program at BC and taught here for 45 years, died in September after a long illness. His many contributions to the department and the discipline are summarized on BC's In Memoriam.

Juliet SchorProfessor Juliet Schor was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show, on a segment entitled The Lure of Minimalism. (She enters the discussion at about the 13:30 mark.)

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SocialEyes cover

SocialEyes is our undergraduate academic journal, run by the students themselves. Check out their latest issue, Spring 2016.

Departmental Seminar

Professor Bruce Carruthers presented a talk on “Contracts, Clauses, and Credit Ratings: Distributed Governance in Global Finance” at our seminar on September 28.


Traditional conceptions of governance view it as a top-down process whereby control is deliberately exerted by powerful incumbents. In modern financial markets, however, a great deal of governance is dictated by an assemblage of artifacts, devices, conventions, contracts, and rules. And the effects they produce are often unintended. Professor Carruthers discussed the public and private roles played by credit ratings to support this argument about the importance of distributed governance.