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Sociology Department

boston college

News and Announcements

Shawn McGuffeyShawn McGuffey has been invited to a policy meeting in Tanzania to discuss Darfurinan refugees with African/regionally-based experts, policy makers, human rights practitioners, and representatives from the Hague.
Sharlene Hesse-BiberWaiting for Cancer to Come by Sharlene Hesse-Biber is the first book to explore the complicated emotional, social, economic and psychological turmoil facing women who learn, through genetic testing, of their high risk for breast or ovarian cancer.
Brian GareauBrian Gareau has been awarded a $30,000 Ignite grant from the Office of the Provost as part of a new internal grant initiative designed to spur research across the University. His project addresses threats posed by climate change.

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SocialEyes cover

SocialEyes is our undergraduate academic journal, run by the students themselves. Check out their latest issue, Spring 2014.


ACA Award

Patricia Leavy

Ph.D. alumna Patricia Leavy is the first sociologist to win the American Creativity Association Special Achievement Award, which honors achievements in innovation and creativity in all fields.


Claude Award

Mike Cermak

Ph.D. alumnus Michael Cermak won a 2014 Claude Award for best pedagogy essay for his Contexts article, Teaching a Hip-Hop Ecology.