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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Major in Slavic Studies

slavic & eastern languages and literatures


The major in Slavic Studies provides broadly based training in scholarship about Russia and the nations of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Desired Learning Outcomes Include:

  1. Acquiring a broad–based understanding (history, literature, culture) of scholarship about Russia, including the former Soviet Union, and the Slavic-speaking nations and societies of Eastern Europe.
    A student should have one principal cultural/geographic area and one secondary area.
  2. Working ability in a Slavic language at or above the intermediate level.

Program Requirements:

The normal program for the major in Slavic Studies requires a miniumum of 31 credits:

  • 6 credits in a Slavic language at or above the intermediate level
  • 3 credits on Slavic civilization and culture (usually SLAV2169)
  • 6 credits on a Slavic literature
  • 6 credits on Slavic history or social sciences
  • 9 credits in general Slavic studies (list of approved courses available)
  • SLAV4091 AB Comprehensive: Slavic Studies (1 credit)
The ancient Bulgarian capital of Veliko Turnovo
Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria)