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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Major in Russian

slavic & eastern languages and literatures

St. Petersburg

Desired learning outcomes include: 

  1. Acquiring an advanced proficiency in the Russian language. 
  2. A working familiarity with the principal works, authors, and literary movements in Russian literature and culture.
  3. An acquaintance with the principal formal linguistic structures which underly the Russian language, either historically or synchronically.

Requirements for the major in Russian are as follows:

Track 1: Russian Language and Literature (31 credits)
  • 9 credits in Russian grammar, composition, and stylistics beyond the intermediate level
  • 9 credits in Russian literature, including two survey courses for classical and modern Russian literature (SLAV2162 and SLAV2173)
  • 3 credits in Russian linguistics (The Structure of Russian, Early Slavic Linguistics and Texts, Old Church Slavonic, or Old Russian)
  • 9 credits in Russian literature or advanced Russian linguistics (list of approved courses available)
  • SLAV4192 AB comprehensive in Russian (1 credit)
Track 2: Russian Culture and Civilization (31 credits)
  • 3 credits in Russian Civilization (usually SLAV2165 Russian Civilization and Culture or SLAV2169 Slavic Civilizations)
  • 6 credits in Russian language beyond the intermediate level
  • 6 credits in classical and modern Russian literature (normally SLAV2162 Classics of Russian Literature and SLAV2173 Twentieth Century Russian Literature)
  • 15 credits from Russian and Slavic offerings, of which at least 9 credits must be Russian literature or culture
  • 1 credit SLAV4192 AB Compehensive in Russian