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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


slavic & eastern languages and literatures

A student having sufficient reason to request exemption from one or more specifications in MA(T) requirements published by the Department should after consultation with the Chair, file separate petition for each provision concerned and which presents at least the following information:

  1. the item from which exemption is requested
  2. the reason why such exemption should be granted
  3. a proposed study or examination area which would substitute for the otherwise required area
  4. a demonstration of the relevance of the area proposed under (c) to the nature of the degree sought
  5. the names of the persons with whom the applicant has consulted and any additional considerations

The Department will rule on all such requests made during the academic year within two weeks of receipt. The chair will arrange an interview where the Department either tends to a negative decision or where more information is required.

The Department intends the fullest possible implementation of its requirements, since the professional and academic quality of SEL degrees depends upon well-observed standards; this, of course, directly benefits students in the value accruing. to their degree.

The faculty, for its part, commits itself to commensurate instructional effort, fair administration of degree requirements, and an open attitude toward all considerations and evaluations reasonably presented by its students, whether individually or as a body.