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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

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A comprehensive alphabetical index of the College of Arts and Sciences' web site.

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About the College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Advising and Support

Academic Advising Center

Academic Departments

Academic Programs


        Lynch School of Education

    Special Programs
        Honors, A&S

Administrative Directory, the College and Graduate School

Admission into College of Arts and Sciences

African and African Diaspora Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

AHANA Student Programs

American Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Ancient Civilization, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Apply for Faculty Position

Arabic Studies, Minor/Departmental

Archived Features

Art History

Arts, participate in the Arts at Boston College

Asian and Asian American Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Awards, Fellowships and Prizes
    Alpha Sigma Nu
    Dean's Scholars
    Departmental Honors
    Latin Honors 
    Order of the Cross and Crown 
    Phi Beta Kappa 
    Scholar of the College 
    Sophomore Scholars 
    University Awards and Honors

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Biochemistry, Major/Interdisciplinary


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    Arts and Sciences
    University Events


Career Center

Catholic Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary


    Minor, Departmental

Chinese Studies, Minor/Departmental

Class Deans

Classical Studies

Commencement, pertaining to Arts and Sciences


Computer Science

Connors Family Learning Center

Contact Dean's Office

Core Curriculum


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Dean's Office, Graduate School

Dean's Office, Undergraduate College

Dean's Welcome

Department Directors

Departmental Minors

Departments, Academic

Dialoque, Undergraduate Essay Journal of Boston College

Directions and Maps

Directory, the College and Graduate School

    Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships
    Community Awareness and Service

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

East European Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary


Electronic Theses & Dissertations, A&S Honors Program

Elements, Undergraduate Research Journal of Boston College


Environmental Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Ethos, Undergraduate Bioethics Research Journal of Boston College

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Faculty Advisors

Faculty Committees

Faculty Elections

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Listings

Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center (FMRC)

Faith, Peace and Justice, Minor/Interdisciplinary


Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

Fellowships for Undergraduate Study

Film Studies

Financial Aid

Fine Arts



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German Studies

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Health Professions, Pre- Medical, Dental, Veterinary

Hispanic Studies


Honors Program

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Interdisciplinary Majors

Interdisciplinary Minors

International Programs

International Studies Program

Internships, Career Center
    Academic Credit for Internships 

Irish Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Islamic Civilization and Societies

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Jewish Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

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Language Laboratory

Language Opportunities

Latin American Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Law, Medical, Graduate School, Career Center 
    Law Recommendation Letter 
    Pre-Law Brief 
    Pre Law Courses

Learning Resources for Student-Athletes

Learning to Learn Program

Libraries at Boston College

Linguistics, Slavic and Eastern Languages Majors  

Linguistics, Slavic and Eastern Languages Minor/Departmental

Literature and Cultural Diversity Core Offerings

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Maps and Directions




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Open Faculty Positions

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Parents' Weekend 




Political Science

Positions, faculty openings

Pre Medical, Pre Dental, Pre Veterinary Program

Psychoanalytic Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary


PULSE Program

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Resources    Students and Prospective Students
    Faculty    Alumni and Friends
    Families    BC Community
    Department Chairs and Staff (restricted access)

Romance Languages and Literatures

Russian Major

Russian Minor/Departmental

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Scientific Computation, Minor/Interdisciplinary

Scientific Instrumentation and Machining Services (SIMS)

Services and Resources
    Department Chairpersons (restricted access)
    Students and Perspective Students

Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures


Sociology Minor/Departmental

Special Conditions and Specific Requirements at Boston College

Staff Directory, the College and Graduate School

Student Forms, Student Services

Studio Art, Minor/Departmental

Support Center, Arts and Sciences

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Transfer Applicants 

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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate Financial Services, Student Services

Undergraduate Research Symposiums

University Catalog

University Core Curriculum

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Women in Science and Technology Program (WST)

Women’s Studies, Minor/Interdisciplinary

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