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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

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The purpose of the URF program is to provide undergraduate students with a substantial research experience through assisting full-time Morrissey College faculty in furthering their academic research projects. Faculty, not students, apply for the fellowships and if approved are awarded funding to hire undergraduates for hourly work that contributes to faculty research. Laboratory, library, archival, and technological research work are appropriate uses for URF funds, but simple office tasks like photocopying transcribing, or filing are not.

Guidelines Governing the Project

Undergraduate research fellowships are intended to provide support for the research activities of full-time faculty. The work performed by the student should be viewed as part of the student's long-term academic development.

Faculty wishing to engage such students must file a brief proposal that gives a clear description of the project, a projected time line, a description of the work the student will do, and an explanation of how the experience will benefit the faculty member and the student academically. Full-time BC undergraduates from any school or department may be included in the faculty proposal and project.

Proposals are accepted three times a year (summer, fall, spring terms), with specific deadlines each year. Faculty should send proposals to their chairperson at least one week before they are due in the dean's office.


Due to the reorganization and movement of the Morrissey College Academic deans and staff to Stokes this month there has been a delay in finalizing the process for how URF applications for this fall will be administered and by whom. As a consequence, the college has not yet opened the applications link for individual faculty applications and for integrated science applications. We hope to open it soon, but please reassure your faculty that: (1) URF's will be available for the fall; and (2) if needed, the application deadlines will be extended to accommodate the delay.



Deadline for faculty online submission: September 1

Deadline for Chairpersons to submit online approvals and comments: September 8

Deadline for faculty online submission: December 1

Deadline for Chairpersons to submit online approvals and comments: December 1

Deadline for faculty online submission: March 9*

Deadline for Chairpersons to submit online approvals and comments: March 16*


* Summer dates are purposely set early, in response to faculty requests for such dates, in order for students to be aware of awards before making summer commitments. Applications with chair approvals and comments will be accepted afterward on a rolling basis, but their funding will be limited by the availability, if any, of funds remaining after the first round of awards is made.

Normally faculty identify a specific student at the time they apply for the Program. If you do not have a specific student in mind, please contact your Department Fellowship Sponsor who may know of an appropriate student. This would be a wonderful opportunity for our best students to prepare for prestigious fellowship competitions. Proposals not identifying specific recipients may be given a lower priority. The expectation is that students will work directly with faculty and not independently nor remotely without close supervision.

Student Requirements

  • Full-time Boston College undergraduate, typically in the Morrissey College.
  • Normally at least sophomore status.
  • Academically strong, typically 3.4 GPA or better.

Students will earn $11.50 an hour. The hours worked can vary from a total of 20 to 200 hours per semester, and up to 400 hours for the summer. Student eligibility does not depend on student financial need. Please remember that no student is allowed to work more than a total of 20 hours per week during the academic year or 40 hours per week during the summer. This includes all their URF and non-URF BC jobs. Students should be made aware that work-study grant funds are taken from the work-study allotment until that is depleted. Note: International sudents must file an I-9 and have a social security number BEFORE they begin work and enter hours. Hours cannot be entered retroactively.

Faculty are expected to provide appropriate instruction and supervision for the research assistants. These positions are not to serve as substitute support for students who would ordinarily be supported by grants.

At the end of the student's employment both faculty member and student will submit an evaluation of the experience to Dean Petri. Highest priority for funding may be given to faculty members and continuing projects who have filed these reports.

Through this program our students can work closely with faculty, develop their research skills, and enhance their undergraduate experience. Although this program does assist faculty, its primary purpose is to engage talented students in meaningful research activity. I urge you to encourage the best students in your department to become involved. This integration of cutting-edge research and undergraduate education can have a significant impact on our students' academic aspirations and career plans.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship applications are now done electronically through Qualtrics Survey Software. Click on the Application link below to bring you directly to the Qualtrics application. Once the application is completed, please email the application to the department chairperson or the designated approver.

Note: Each department will determine who will approve the application.

AY 2017-2018     Links will become active by mid-summer

LATE Summer 2017 Application Form

Integrated Science URF Application