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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Alumni Profile

jaime crowley ’91, ma’96


Jaime Crowley started teaching French at Mt. Hope High School in Bristol, Rhode Island, in 1997. He rose through the ranks, becoming chair of the foreign language department in 2003 and assistant principal in 2007. In November 2009, Crowley was recognized with one of the teaching profession’s highest honors, the Milken Educator Award, bestowed annually by the Milken Family Foundation. Criteria for the award include educational accomplishments in and out of the classroom, potential for long-range professional and policy leadership, and an engaging and inspiring presence that motivates students and the community. Crowley is one of 54 2009 Milken Educators, who are nominated by their home states’ departments of education. The award comes with an unrestricted $25,000 prize.

Crowley is credited with creating an in-school support program for at-risk students, allowing many to avoid failing and having to make up classes in summer school. He also advocated for a later start to the school day, a policy Mt. Hope implemented, resulting in students showing up to school more alert and ready to learn. As a result of these and other policies and programs, Mt. Hope has been experiencing a lower dropout rate, a higher graduation rate, and improving test scores.

A French major at Boston College, Crowley says that professors like Jeff Flagg, Rebecca Valette, and Norman Araujo influenced his teaching style. “It was at Boston College where I really learned how to think critically and become aware of my own learning,” he says.

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