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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Admissions

romance languages and literatures

Students applying to the graduate program must have a bachelor’s degree in the language of proposed study or have, otherwise, achieved general coverage of their major literature at the undergraduate level (at least four semesters of period or general courses in the major literature must be included in the student's undergraduate record). Native speakers of French, Italian or Spanish should demonstrate a strong background in the study of literature and the humanities.

In addition to the application form, applications must include:

  • Official transcripts of all previous study, both undergraduate and graduate.
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons who have worked with you in an academic or other professional setting.
  • A statement of purpose (of 2-4 pages) elaborating on your professional objectives and suitability for the graduate program (e.g., previous training in language and literature, related work experience, or travel and study in a target-language country).
  • A formal writing sample in the target language of 8 to 12 pages in length (generally a paper written in one's senior year of college, or some other scholarly text, properly identified).
  • International students are required to submit the International Application, as well as the TOEFL exam scores.


The application deadline is February 1.

How to apply and online application form

Applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty members and to plan a personal visit to the department whenever possible.


Note: The RLL doctoral programs were suspended by the University in 2011. No new applications to these programs are being accepted.


Photo credit: Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru, courtesy of
Photo credit: Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru, courtesy of