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Mattia Acetoso
Assistant Professor of Italian

romance languages and literatures

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., Yale University; Laurea (B.A.) in Italian and Comparative Literature, University of Bologna, Italy

Doctoral Dissertation

“In Two Voices: Opera, Melodrama and Music in Umberto Saba and Eugenio Montale.”

Research Areas

Twentieth Century Italian Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Italian Contemporary Cinema, European Romanticism, History of Opera and Opera Librettos, Theory of Translation Digital Humanities.

Recent Articles and Book Chapters

Forum Italicum

“Misteriose vicende di un tempo diverso: L’Orologio tra viaggio, sogno e magia” Forum Italicum 5.2 (Summer 2016) 


“Dove poesia e verità coincidono.” Introduction to L’Orologio by Carlo Levi. Torino: Einaudi, 2015.

Orion, english translation of L’orione

“Francesco Cavalli. Orion. English translation of Orione: Dramma per musica by Francesco Melosio. Edited by Davide Domi and Nicola Usula. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2015.”

Come un fulgore azzurro: Umberto Saba and the Verdian Sound of Italy

Come un fulgore azzurro: Umberto Saba and the Verdian Sound of Italy.” California Italian Studies 4.1 (2014): 1-21.

Renato Poggioli’s Intellectual Project and the Psychology of Exile

“Renato Poggioli’s Intellectual Project and the Psychology of Exile.” Renato Poggioli. An Intellectual Biography. Florence: Olschki, 2012, p. 125-143

Joseph Luzzi. Il romanticismo italiano e l’Europa.

(Translation) Joseph Luzzi. Il romanticismo italiano e l’Europa. Fantasia e realtà nell’immaginario occidentale. Rome: Carocci, 2012. Italian translation of: Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy. New Haven: Yale UP, 2008.

Recent Papers and Presentations

“A Deafening Silence: Eugenio Montale’s Poetry, Between Music and Words.” Intertwining Muses? A Comparative Approach to Literature and Music. American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA). March 2016  

“Saba’s Ernesto as a Coming-of-Age Story Told Through Music.” Coming of Age in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature. Northeast Modern Language Association. University of Connecticut (Hartford, CT).  March 2016 

“Fantasmi dell’opera nel Novecento italiano.” Public presentation for the “Circolo Italiano di Boston.” Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA). April 2015

“Strange Mercy: Montale’s Storm and other Tragic Dreams.” Campus Visit during the application process for the tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of Italian at Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA).  January 2015

“Renato Poggioli’s (Unending) Exile and the Problem of Return.” A Forgotten Generation: The Exile of Italian Intellectuals  to the United States During the Interwar Years. Italian American Studies Association. University of Toronto (Toronto, ON, Canada). October 2014

Hands of Time Over the City: Reflections on Italo Calvino and the Temporality of the Urban Experience.” Capitals of Culture and the Immeasurable Wealth of Passing Time. American Comparative Literature Association. New York University (New York, NY). April 2014.

A Brief Introduction to Giuseppe Verdi’s Patriotism and his Political Operas.” Verdi 200th. A Celebration of Giuseppe Verdi’s Bicentenary (1813-2013). Boston College, MA. October 2013.

“Daughter of Love: Umberto Saba, Giuseppe Verdi, and National Identity.” Concerts of Words: Italian Literature and Music. American Association of Italian Studies. Eugene, OR. April 2013.

“Frozen Little Hand: Opera as Alternative to the Avant-Garde.” Crises of Mind, Collapsing of Forms: Exploring Audiovisual Art and the Literature of the Avant-Garde, 1920-1940. American Comparative Literature Association. Providence, RI. April 2012.

I bambini ci guardano ancora: The Portrayal of Youth in Garrone’s Gomorra.” American Association of Italian Studies. Pittsburgh, PA. April 2011.

“The Double Sided Portrait of Power in Il divo.” Italian Cinema in the Present Tense. American Association of Italian Studies. New York City, NY. May 2009.

“Renato Poggioli and the Timid steps of Russian Poetry in Italy.” Slavic-Italian Colloquium. Yale University. April 2009.

Mattia Acetso

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