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romance languages and literatures

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers courses in French, Italian, and Spanish languages, as well as their corresponding literatures and cultures, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to help students attain a high linguistic proficiency in one or more Romance language as well as broad insight into the literature and culture of other nations. Our courses range from elementary language to advanced seminars in languages, literatures, and cultures. Students can major or minor in French, Hispanic Studies, or Italian. The major offers solid preparation and guidance for students interested in teaching or in graduate studies, as well in fields such as law, medicine, interpreting, and international business.

Graduate Program

The Romance Languages and Literatures department offers advanced degrees in:

  • French - MA, MA/MBA
  • Hispanic Studies - MA, MA/MBA
  • Italian - MA

The graduate curriculum offers broad coverage of French, Francophone, Iberian, Latin American, and Italian literatures. Survey courses are interspersed with seminars that propose innovative models for approaching literary questions. An awareness of critical theory and the importance of history are essential aspects of our graduate programs; for this reason, students are strongly encouraged to take courses focused exclusively on theory as well as those that treat the history and philology of the romance languages. With few exceptions, courses are taught in the target language.

Azores, Portugal
The Azores, Portugal, homeland of many Portuguese immigrants to New England (photo: Wikimedia Commons)