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Romance Languages and Literatures

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News and Announcements

Regina Jean-Charles

Prof. Jean-Charles on the French Elections and Racism
WBUR Radio's online journal, "Cognoscenti", recently published an Op-Ed essay by Prof. Régine Jean-Charles entitled "A Victory for Macron in France but the Specter of Racism Remains."

Betty Thomas Rahv

Dr. Betty Rahv
The RLL department notes with sorrow the passing of Dr. Betty Rahv, long-time professor of French (1970-2001) and former department chair. Obit (prepared by her family).

Joshua Hartshorne

"The Logical Problem of Language Acquisition"
Associate Prof. of Psychology, Joshua Hartshorne, recently addressed the RLL faculty and graduate students, presenting some of the latest theories, experimentation, statistics, and conclusions about first and second language acquisition, especially those most pertinent to undergraduate pedagogy.

RLL Annual Graduate Student Conference
Drawing participants from across the USA, the RLL Annual Graduate Student Conference this year (March 17-18) was focused on the theme, "For the Love of Truth: Consolidation and Disruption." The keynote speaker was Prof. Walter Stephens of Johns Hopkins University.

The Global Future of French
According to Forbes Magazine, compelling data indicates that by 2050, "French could be the most-spoken language in the world, ahead of English and even Mandarin."

Inside Higher Ed logo

Italy, Spain, & France among Top Study Abroad Destinations
According to the online journal, Inside Higher Ed, the number of American college students studying abroad continues to increase, with the top five destinations being (in order of popularity) the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, and China. Moreover, Boston College ranked among the top five doctoral universities according to the percentage of students engaging in foreign study.

And, indeed, the BC statistics mirror the national ones: according to the Boston College Fact Book 2015-2016 (p. 40), Italy ranked as the #2 destination (after Great Britain) for BC undergraduate study abroad, with Spain as #3 and France as #4. 

Most Popular Undergraduate Minors
According to the 2015-16 Boston College Factbook (p. 44), Hispanic Studies and French are yet again among the Ten Most Popular Minors for BC undergraduates.

Romance eReview: The online Graduate Journal of the Dept. of Romance Languages & Literatures.

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain
Knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged.

Faculty Profiles

photo of Franco Mormando

Franco Mormando, Professor of Italian, joined the department in 1994.

photo of Elizabeth Rhodes

Elizabeth Rhodes, Professor of Hispanic Studies, joined the department in 1987. For more about Prof. Rhodes's current research see the interview in Seymour Magazine.

Régine Jean-Charles

Régine M. Jean-Charles, Associate Professor of French, joined the department in 2008.

A Spotlight on RLL Alumni

Elizabeth Birch

Elizabeth Birch '14 is currently working in the translation and localization field at LUZ, Inc. as a Project Coordinator.

Kathryn Goetti

Although Kathryn Goetti '11 never considered pursuing a business career as an undergraduate Romance Languages major, she now works as a Business Operations Strategist at Google.

Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown '08, a Hispanic studies major, says the skills she developed while conducting undergraduate research with a favorite Spanish professor are crucial for her work as a doctor.

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