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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Collaborative Educational Services

Nature and Purpose
Collaborative Educational Services provides educational services in the Elliot Youth Detention Facility for males ages 12-20 who are involved with the courts or who have been committed to the Department of Youth Services. The facility provides all the basic needs of food, housing, and security. In addition to the educational component designed to meet immediate needs, there is also a recreational program consisting of sports, outdoor recreation, movies, and games. Regular rap sessions and general house meetings round out the programs.



Students work in the educational program as tutors for individual residents, participating in group discussions and daily classroom activities. The residents attend classes in reading, writing, math, life skills, etc. every day.


b. Organize a small group activity based on a particular talent and integrate it into the existing schedule (arts and crafts, music, drama, etc.). 

Initially, all students will attend an orientation seminar (one hour during the first week of work) that will involve a thorough discussion of the precise nature of Collaborative Educational Services, provide some basic information on the Juvenile Justice System and on the Department of Youth Services, and will begin to touch on the issues particular to this setting (i.e. its short term nature, security, etc.). A follow-up individual meeting will be held within a week to finalize schedules, confirm expectations, and to sign the Learning Work Agreements.
* This placement is for male volunteers only