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Sociedad Latina


Nature and Purpose

For over thirty years, Sociedad Latina has been working in partnership with Latino youth to cultivate the next generation of leaders. Sociedad Latina is now committed to serving both Latino youth, the fastest growing youth population in Massachusetts, and youth from the surrounding communities of the Greater Boston Area. Our non-profit agency directly serves 3,500 young people each year through programs that are predominately led by Youth Leaders. Sociedad Latina fulfills its critical mission by combining direct services.  Advocacy and information/referral assistance — literally providing a human resource center for Boston's youth, particularly those of Mission Hill/Roxbury.

Today our vital out-of-school time programs offer tutoring, academic enrichment tailored to literacy and math, youth development trainings, mentoring and safe social/recreational activities and services with the overall goal of helping even the most at-risk youth make healthy choices, graduate from high school and develop higher education goals. has been to enhance the overall health and well-being of the Latino community by delivering programs that encourage community leadership through educational attainment, cultural identity, and continuation of traditions.

Current programs include:

  • Mission Enrichment Program (MEP) offers after-school and summer activities reinforcing appropriate values, literacy and whole-brain learning for middle-school students from three local middle schools.
  • Music Clubhouse is dedicated to developing youth skills through hands-on training in music that encourages self-expression and at the same time widens the scope of career possibilities available to them.  The music clubhouse provides music lessons in keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and voice.
  • Health Careers for Youth provides a venue where youth can acquire job readiness skills, educational support, and career exploration for the health care sector.
  • Mission Possible! Program (MP) is a college access program for high school students and youth leader employees of Sociedad Latina.  This program provides academic and college preparation support.
  • Youth Community Organizing program focuses on building the community organizing skills of youth ages 14-18 so that they are able to identify the issues that affect their communities, research those issues, and then educate and organize community members and officials.

PULSE students can be involved in all of Sociedad Latina's programs including the Mission Enrichment Program, the Mission Possible program, Music Clubhouse, Health Careers for Youth, Youth Community Organizers or Viva La Cultura.  The PULSE students will have the unique opportunity to work with high school and middle school students.  The PULSE students will develop meaningful relationships with children, serving as mentors, program leaders, and supervisors of middle school in the MEP program.  PULSE students will also have the opportunity to develop field trips and are encouraged to lead trips to their own campus.  The MEP program also offers enrichment clubs such as music, dance, art, or international sports, which are led by consultants but rely on PULSE students to encourage and teach the children.

PULSE students who choose to serve with our Mission Possible program will work with our high school youth leaders by providing academic support as well as college preparation support and guidance as tutors, mentors, and workshop facilitators.

PULSE students will also be responsible for participating in the development of Sociedad Latina's hands-on learning activities and for creating awareness of higher education goals in the program.  PULSE students will be responsible for monitoring behavior, modeling appropriate values, and adequately disciplining students when necessary.

PULSE students interested in music education, who play one or more musical instrument, or are acquainted with musical production and recording may choose to assist with leading music club activities or youth music instruction classes.  PULSE students can even take part in planning and coordinating music programming activities.