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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Pine Street Inn: Park Street House

Nature and Purpose

Park Street House is part of Pine Street Inn, which serves 1,600 individuals daily to provide short and long-term solutions so that individuals can begin the journey out of homelessness and on to permanent housing. Pine Street Inn provides Permanent Supportive Housing to more than 600 formerly homeless individuals live in 35 residences that are either owned or operated by Pine Street Inn. Park Street House is part of the supportive housing program. The Park Street House serves 29 women living with chronic mental illness. This is permanent, supportive housing. Each individual tenant has their own private bedroom. All other areas - kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms, are shared in common. This is an intensive program with 24 hour staffing. With the assistance of staff, the tenants work on goals and objectives to move towards greater independent living and self-sufficiency. Staff also provide administration of medications, assistance with activities of daily living, and two meals per day, as well as crisis intervention as necessary.


Two students assist staff with various activities and have the opportunity to get to know tenants very well over the course of the year. They are expected to engage with the tenants and assist staff with various activities; preparing meals, attending house meetings, hosting game events and providing staff support.