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Hawthorne Youth and Community Center (HYCC)

Nature and Purpose
Hawthorne Youth and Community Center, Inc. (HYCC) is a grassroots community based non-profit organization that offers 5-18 year olds access to year round affordable quality educational, cultural, recreational, and vocational opportunities. HYCC serves youth and adults from diverse racial, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds with an emphasis on providing opportunities for low and moderate-income families. Key components in HYCC's Positive Youth Development Program include a Department of Early Education and Care, licensed after-school program for 6-12 year olds, evening programs for middle and high school students, and weekend events, special projects, and enrichment outings for community youth, parents, and families. Founded in 1967 by a handful of concerned adults and youth who converted a coal cellar into a teen clubroom, HYCC now serves over 200 youth annually. Hawthorne youth share their talents and accomplishments with the local and greater community through First Night Parades, exhibits at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, performances at Marcella Park, and service projects. HYCC alums stay involved by enrolling their children in activities, serving on our Board of Directors, and volunteering to strengthen programs for all community youth.


HYCC offers a range of opportunities to encourage PULSE students to use their talents and skills to make a significant impact on Hawthorne youth. These can include:

  • providing homework help for 6-12 year olds and being a Reading Pal for reluctant and emerging readers
  • helping Program Specialists facilitate workshops/projects for youth
  • conducting "Read Aloud" activities for small groups of children
  • sharing a special skill with youth by conducting long and short-term activities, classes, and projects with youth; specific examples might include running a dance class or Pen Pal Project, teaching youth to play chess and other strategy games, or develop computer skills
  • designing an instructional sports or New Games activities for youth
  • tutoring middle and high school students on a one to one basis in selected subjects
  • designing participatory multicultural celebrations for youth
  • designing workshops and facilitating discussion groups on topics that interest and appeal to older youth
  • supervising, supporting, and listening to what youth do and do not say with the aim of developing strong relationships.