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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Commonwealth Housing Development (CTA)

Nature and Purpose  The Commonwealth Tenants Association (CTA) is nationally recognized for its work with low-income residents of a large, urban family public housing development. CTA represents residents of Commonwealth Housing Development located in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston. CTA's Youth Program targets school-aged youth who live in the Commonwealth Housing Development. These young people are affected by all the stresses associated with poverty, urban life, and single parent homes. This population is at risk of school drop out, violence, and drug use. The work of the Youth Program is designed to combat the multigenerational cycle of poverty caused by school failure, underemployment, a lack of positive role models, and early parenthood. 

PULSE students meet with mentees twice each week for tutoring sessions, in the students' home. In addition they plan biweekly recreational activities. PULSE students maintain communication with the CTA Youth Program Coordinator and with the student's parents to review their progress and to discuss ways of meeting the student's needs. The CTA provides group activities such as field trips or holiday parties for PULSE Tutors and students. The Youth Program Coordinator will hold an initial orientation and training session and bi-weekly supervision discussion groups.