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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Scholar Athletes

Nature and Purpose

The Scholar Athletes Program (SA) is a collaborative initiative sponsored by the City of Boston and Suffolk Construction’s Red & Blue Foundation to improve academics through athletics for urban youth in Boston Public High Schools. The Program's mission is based on the proven link between athletic participation and positive academic performance. The SA also provides a connection between the public and private sectors of the Boston community, linking the academic and athletic capital from businesses, higher education institutions, and professional sports organizations, directly to the scholar-athletes of Boston.


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PULSE students will serve as tutors, mentors, and overall program assistants. This includes being on-site in SA Zones (learning centers) and providing support to the Zone Facilitators. SA serviced over 3,100 scholar-athletes during the 2011-12 school year. PULSE students will work regularly with scholar-athletes by helping them with homework, assisting with the college search process, and acting as positive role models. SA Tutors are the key in teaching and modeling positive behavior to the scholar-athletes.

PULSE students will also participate in the Program in the following ways:

  • Conduct research relating to school and Zone demographics
  • Assess Zone practices and observe inner workings of urban education setting
  • Assist athletic coaches during practices, games, and events
  • Support Zone Facilitators in the form or improving Zone appearance, updating athletic  schedules and scores
  • Help with the development and execution of monthly Zone community service projects

All PULSE students are required to attend an initial orientation and commit to a regular weekly schedule fulfilling their PULSE requirement of eight (8) hours per week.