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ABCD Elder Services


Nature and Purpose

Since its inception in 1962, ABCD has remained devoted to its mission of promoting self-help for low-income people and neighborhoods. ABCD empowers disadvantaged people by providing them with the tools to overcome poverty, live with dignity, and achieve their full potential. It emphasizes education, skilled job-training and asset development. The ABCD Elder Services Department helps older adults in Boston: 1) Move towards economic security by connecting them with a wide range of assistance programs such as fuel assistance, food stamps, and medical/prescription insurance; 2) Improve health and wellness;

and 3) Create opportunities for older adults to be productive members of the community through volunteering opportunities. PULSE students serve Boston seniors at our main office in downtown Boston, as well as in senior centers, senior housing, community hospitals, and/or community-based sites throughout the different neighborhoods of Boston.


Healthy Aging Classes

PULSE students will be leading healthy aging evidence-based programs with small groups of seniors . Topics include fall prevention, healthy eating, food security, memory, and chronic disease self-management. Students may choose classes to become trained leaders in based on their interest areas and skill sets. Classes with seniors include discussion and problem solving, lectures, visualization exercises, physical activity, supermarket tours, cooking activities, restaurant meal celebrations and more!  PULSE students will assist with data and research for healthy aging programs.  Classes are led at ABCD neighborhood sites as well as housing buildings and community centers around the city. A background in health is not required.  Ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders)

The SHINE program provides access to accurate, unbiased information on health insurance, health care options, and prescription/medical cost assistance programs to Medicare beneficiaries via one to one counseling, phone calls, presentations, and/or media. PULSE students will complete a 3- day training designed to familiarize themselves with Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage, additional help for those who have limited income, and how to use the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder. Upon completion, PULSE students will serve as Part D specialists, working with certified SHINE counselors to help beneficiaries save on health insurance and prescription costs during the busiest Medicare season, the Annual Open Enrollment Period. PULSE students will answer telephone calls from beneficiaries and conduct drug plan searches. Throughout the year, PULSE students have the option of assisting with outreach presentations, media, special events, or counseling sessions at one of our 13 sites around the city. During the spring, PULSE students have the opportunity to participate in 11 days of training in order to become certified as a SHINE counselor.  A background in health insurance is not required.  Bi-lingual capacities in Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, Vietnamese, Portuguese, or Haitian-Kreyol are preferred, but not required.

Economic Security

The Elder Economic Security program helps  limited income seniors in Boston increase their economic security by connecting them to services and benefits, such as MassHealth (Medicaid) or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), via application assistance.  PULSE students will be working with low income senior citizens both individually and in groups.  A student may be helping someone sort through their mail, apply for public benefits (such as food stamps), manage overdue bills, etc.  As students become more comfortable we hope they will feel free to be creative In addressing the needs (and goals) of our population.  Ability to speak Spanish, Haitian-Kreyol, Cape Verdean Creole, Vietnamese, Portuguese, or Chinese is a plus, but not required.


Sean Mahoney-Pierce
2 Boylston Street Suite 211
Boston MA 02116

Council Member

Colleen Considine