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Seminar Courses

Another great academic opportunity is taking a seminar or statistics course with a PSYC number higher than 5000. These are designed for graduate students and also advanced undergraduates. They often cover a small area within psychology in great detail. In the seminar courses, a combination of reading, writing, and discussion is involved, mostly based on primary sources such as journal articles. Because these courses have very limited enrollments, you will receive much more faculty contact than is possible in larger lecture courses.

These courses require the permission of the instructor. You should check with the instructor to see whether you have the necessary background. Even if you don't have the background at present, the instructor may be able to suggest a course that will prepare you.

Don't be put off by the high course number or by the presence of graduate students in the course. If you have taken the prerequisites, you will be as well prepared as the graduate students. Taking a seminar course in an area that interests you will be highly rewarding.

At present there is one advanced statistics courses offered in the Psychology Department, PSYC5501 Experimental Design and Statistics. If you are interested in how empirical research is carried out, are interested in attending graduate school, or enjoyed introductory statistics, you should consider taking this course or some other statistics course offered outside of the Psychology Department, perhaps in the Sociology Department or the Lynch School of Education. You should check the listings in the CoRSS. The list of higher-level courses offered varies from semester to semester and from year to year.