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Annual Peter Gray Award

for creative achievement in psychology

In recognition of Peter Gray’s three decades of distinguished service to scholarship, teaching, and student mentorship at Boston College, the Psychology Department instituted the “Peter Gray Creative Achievement Award in Psychology” upon Professor Gray’s retirement from regular teaching in 2002. Each year, the award is given to a sophomore, junior, or senior Psychology major who has manifested unusual intellectual curiosity, independence, and creativity in his or her studies. The award is based on nominations by individual members of the faculty in the form of a letter describing the nominee’s qualifications and special merits. The award, consisting of a certificate of merit and a cash honorarium in the amount of $100, is presented at the Department’s annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference.

The Award Committee considers a student who:

  • Develops novel, interesting ideas that may be particularly evident in written work and also in class, in the lab, and/or in discussions outside of the classroom.
  • Goes well beyond a simple restatement of information provided by class lectures, lab discussions, and reading assignments, reflecting originality and deeper analytic and integrative abilities.
  • Provokes professors and students to think more deeply about psychological ideas than they otherwise might, and models qualities of intellectual independence and creative scholarship.
  • Questions and challenges, in intelligent and interesting ways, ideas and arguments that are presented in lectures and/or assigned readings.
  • Displays intrinsic interest in psychology by, for example, reading psychological literature “for the fun of it,” including works outside of formal class requirements that may not contribute to a course grade.
Past Winners

2013 - Nicole Trauffer
2012 - Abby Stemper
2011 - Matthew Panichello
2010 - John McLaren
2009 - Jenny Wong
2008 - Brett Ford
2007 - Robert Kubala
2006 - Preston Thakral
2005 - Patrick Forcelli
2004 - Heather Speller