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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Study

Many students find that their interests are well served by one of the many interdisciplinary minors available in the College of Arts and Sciences. For example, students with interests in the psychology of women or feminism may pursue a Women's Studies Minor by taking approved courses in the Psychology, Sociology, and English departments. Interdisciplinary minors are described briefly in the Boston College Undergraduate Catalog. Additional information about a minor can be obtained by contacting its director.

Many students contemplate completing a second major. Doing so can be highly valuable educationally, but it is up to you to make sure that it is. For example, there may be some courses required for a second major that are not relevant to your educational goals. You should consider whether you would be better off creating your own unofficial minor by taking only the most significant courses and omitting some of the required courses for the second major. You would not have the second major appear on your transcript, but the individual courses will appear and, what is most important, you will have gotten the educational benefit of taking those courses. In other words, a double major is something of a luxury; do it if it makes sense but be aware of what you are sacrificing. You might be better off taking more advanced courses in your primary major or, alternatively, you might gain more by exploring a number of different fields.

Students are allowed to co-count a maximum of one course across two majors or a major and a minor.