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Independent Study

This course offers students the opportunity to study a topic of personal interest, working independently under the supervision of a faculty member within the Psychology Department. A student may obtain the consent of a faculty member to serve as his or her instructor by contacting the faculty member directly. The instructor, working with the student, decides on the nature of readings and related activities involved as well as the precise form of scholarly work required.


The University requires a written, signed syllabus/contract between the instructor and student for all non-scheduled undergraduate courses, such as Independent Study, Senior Thesis, Senior Honors Thesis, and Scholars Project Research. Click here for a generic version of the contract (which instructors are free to modify): Syllabus/Contract for Individually Arranged and Non-scheduled Courses.

The form should be completed and signed by both instructor and student, and then the student should bring it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval.

Because such courses require the instructor’s permission, students must register for these courses in the Psychology office. The signed syllabus/contract serves as permission of the instructor for the purpose of registering the student. The Psychology office will keep these signed contracts on file.