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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

The Psychology Majors

The Psychology Department offers two majors: The Psychology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) major, and the Psychology Bachelor of Science (B.S.) major. Both degree options introduce students to the broad range of topics that psychologists study, while also allowing students to choose an individualized course of study and focus on some aspects of psychology in greater depth. Both options allow students to gain research experience working in one or more of our psychology labs.

The Psychology B.A. major is particularly suited to students who wish to understand human behavior and mental functioning at the behavioral level. Students will take Psychology courses relevant to social, developmental, and cognitive psychology and will learn how animal models can be used to inform human behavior. Together these courses will provide students with an appreciation for the theories that have been put forth to explain human behavior and for the importance of considering clinical, cultural, social, and developmental factors when trying to understand why humans think, feel, and act as they do.

The Psychology B.S. major is particularly suited to students who wish to explore the brain mechanisms of human and animal behavior and mental functioning. Students will take courses from the Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry Departments that are related to evolution, genetics, physiology, neurobiology, and the neural basis of higher cognitive and emotional processes in humans. Together these courses will provide students with a strong foundation in the neurobiological processes that underlie behavior, motivation, and cognition. Pre-med students who are interested in majoring in Psychology are advised to pursue the Psychology B.S major.

Undergraduate Program

Advanced Placement Credit
Substitution courses for high placement on the A.P. Psychology examination.

Advising for Majors
Information on advising and the degree audit.

Junior Year Abroad
Students planning to spend a semester or two studying abroad need to receive approval from their academic advisor.

Social Science Core
Fulfilling the Social Science Core requirement.

Transfer Credit
For a BC student who plans to take courses anywhere outside BC's College of Arts and Sciences.

Transfer Students
Transfer students may want courses taken at previous institutions to be considered as fulfilling the requirements of the major.

Course Requirements

The University Catalog contains the requirements for the Psychology B.A. and B.S. majors.