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Part-Time Faculty

department of psychology

Li Chen, Part-Time Faculty
Rachel Herz, Part-Time Faculty
Kristina Moore, Part-Time Faculty
Marilee Ogren, Part-Time Faculty (Ph.D. University of Washington, 1979)—Marilee Ogren has been teaching part-time in the Boston College Psychology Department since 1996. She is trained in neuroscience, and has studied the anatomy and physiology of the primate visual system. She is a medical science writer and editor, and teaches scientific writing in the life sciences at MIT. She teaches a section of the introductory course on abnormal psychology, an advanced course on abnormal psychology and a course in developmental neuroscience.
Amy Tishelman, Part-Time Faculty (Ph.D. West Virginia University, 1988)—Amy Tishelman has been teaching part-time in the Boston College psychology department since 1993. She is a clinical psychologist specializing in the areas of interpersonal violence, child maltreatment and trauma, and is Director of Research and Training for the Child Protection at Children’s Hospital Boston. Her research focuses on child maltreatment and approaches to the evaluation of domestic violence in forensic settings. She teaches a course on developmental psychopathology and a course on interpersonal violence.
Nadine Weidman, Part-Time Faculty (Ph.D. Cornell University, 1994)—Nadine Weidman joins our department in 2011-12 as a part-time faculty member. She is a historian of science with a research focus on the history of ideas about instinct, emotion, and human nature. She teaches a course open to graduate students and to upper level undergraduates on the history of psychology. In alternate years this course focuses on the history of neuroscience.

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