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Christina Reppucci

ph.d. candidate


Office: McGuinn 307B
Phone: 617-552-2939

Primary Advisor: Gorica Petrovich

Academic Interests: My research interests focus on understanding how environmental signals, including learned cues, can override homeostatic signals to stimulate eating in sated states, or inhibit eating in states of hunger. The long-term goal of my research is to define the functional organization of the underlying neural circuits. Our lab has recently proposed that cue-influenced feeding involves amygdala communication with the lateral hypothalamus through a direct pathway, as well as an indirect pathway through the medial prefrontal cortex. In one of my current projects, I aim to characterize these pathways through the use of neuroanatomical tract tracing methods.

Undergraduate Institution/Degree: B.S. in Biology (minor in Neuroscience), Gettysburg College, 2008.