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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Andrea Heberlein


Photo of Andrea Heberlein

Ph.D. University of Iowa, 2002

Office: McGuinn 106N
Phone: 617-552-6993

Scholarly Interests: Social neuroscience, social psychology, and cognitive/affective neuroscience. Mind perception and its neural substrates: the processes by which we recognize others’ emotions and understand their actions; anthropomorphizing; simulation and shared substrates models.

Typically offered courses

Curriculum Vitae*

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Office Hours*

PSYC1032 Emotion
PSYC2241 Social Psychology
PSYC4443 Research Practicum in Social and Cognitive Methods
PSYC5540 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology

Representative Publications

Olson, K.R., Heberlein, A.S., Kensinger, E., Spelke, E.S., Dweck, C.S., Banaji, M.R. (in press). The Role of Forgetting in Undermining Good Intentions. PLOS One.

Gray, K., Jenkins, A.C., Heberlein, A.S., Wegner, D.M. (2011). Distortions of mind perception in psychopathology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(2), 477-79.

Heberlein, A.S., Atkinson, A.P. (2009). Neuroscientific evidence for simulation and shared substrates in emotion recognition: Beyond faces. Emotion Review, 1(2): 162-177.

Heberlein, A.S., Padon, A.A., Gillihan, S.J., Farah, M.J., Fellows, L.K. (2008). Facial emotion recognition impairments consequent to ventromedial frontal lobe damage. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 20(4):721-733.

Heberlein, A.S., Adolphs, R. (2004) Perception in the absence of social attribution: selective impairment in anthropomorphizing following bilateral amygala damage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101(19):7487-7491.

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