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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

John Christianson

gianinno family sesquicentennial assistant professor of psychology

Hiram Brownell

Ph.D. University of New Hampshire, 2006

Office: McGuinn 523
Phone: 617-552-3970

Christianson Lab

Scholarly Interests: The focus of John Christianson's research is to determine how stress interacts with the neural systems that permit individuals to adapt to potentially dangerous and changing environments. The current emphasis is on the neural mechanisms that underly safety learning. The laboratory employs a multidisciplinary approach to study brain circuits and behavior including sophisticated behavioral paradigms, electrophysiology and optogenetics. The overall goal is to provide new insight into the organization of the brain and behavior and improve treatment for psychological illness.

Typically offered courses

Curriculum Vitae*

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PSYC2285 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC3384 Neurophysiology
PSYC5583 Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory

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