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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Affiliated and Emeritus Faculty

department of psychology

Photo of Ali Banuazizi Ali Banuazizi, Psychology Research Professor, Political Science Professor (Ph.D. Yale University, 1968)
Photo of Lisa Feldman Barrett Lisa Feldman Barrett, Research Professor (Ph.D. University of Waterloo, 1992)—Emotion. The structure of emotion. The influence of language and conceptual knowledge in emotion perception and emotion experience. Individual variation in affective processing. Sex differences in emotion.
Photo of Randy Easton Randolph Easton, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, 1974)—Perceptual and cognitive processes; spatial representation and imagery; relations among the perceptual systems; visual dominance; sensory substitution in the handicapped.
Photo of Peter Gray Peter Gray, Research Professor (Ph.D. Rockefeller University, 1972)—Children's play (particularly age-mixed play); self-directed learning; evolutionary psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, general psychology.
Photo of Ramsay Liem Ramsay Liem, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. University of Rochester, 1970)—Community Psychology (intergenerational transmission of political trauma, human rights and mental health); Asian American/Korean American Studies (Asian American history and ethnic identity formation).
Photo of David Miele

David Miele, Affiliated Faculty, Assistant Professor in Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology, Lynch School of Education (Ph.D. Northwestern University)—Self-regulated learning; individual differences in student metacognition and motivation; metacognitive processes involved in the self-regulation of motivation; individual differences in parent and teacher beliefs about student cognition.

Photo of Gilda Morelli

Gilda Morelli, Affiliated Faculty, Associate Professor in the Lynch School of Education (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1987)—The social, cultural, and economic circumstances related to young children's experiences, learning and development, with an interest in children and families in US and African communities. Domestic and international social policies and programs for young children and families.

Photo of Michael Pratt

Michael G. Pratt, Affiliated Faculty, Professor of Organization Studies in the Carroll School of Management (Ph.D. University of Michigan)—Organizational, professional, and non-work identities and identification; intuition; distributed work; sensemaking; meaning of work.

Photo of Maya Tamir Maya Tamir, Research Assistant Professor (Ph. D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004)—Emotion regulation; Cognition, motivation and emotion; Social cognition; Individual differences in emotion and information processing. The interpersonal and intrapersonal functions of emotions and their potential variation across individuals. Learning about the utility of emotions. The role of hedonic and instrumental functions of emotions in emotion regulation.