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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

2017 Psychology Department in the Media

department of psychology

Joe Tecce in the news: 2017’s Most & Least Stressed Cities in America
Joe discussed stress in families and in the workplace with John Kiernan, Senior Editor, WalletHub, Washington, DC. Posted 7/18/17.

Ellen Winner in the news: Two New Books Offer Advice for the Socially Awkward
Ellen's concept of gifted children's "rage to master" discussed in a New York Times book review. Posted 6/26/17.

Joe Tecce in the news: Body language expert: Hernandez showed anguish after not guilty verdict
Joe discussed with Heather Hegedus of FOX25 the body language of Aaron Hernandez during his murder trial and the signs of anguish and possible guilt that were related to his suicide. Posted 4/20/17.

Jordan Theriault in the news: When it comes to defining ‘terrorism,’ there is no consensus
Jordan was interviewed by PBS NewsHour about his new paper in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General with Liane Young and Peter Krause in Political Science. Posted 2/27/17.

Joe Tecce in the news: Superstitions
Joe discussed with Susan Tran, NECN/NBC Boston reporter, the psychological significance of superstitious behavior. Posted 1/23/17.

Joe Tecce in the news: Tom Brady's Body Language
Joe discussed with Susan Tran of NECN Tom Brady's body language that showed tension but not undue stress. Posted 1/20/17.