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Travel Reimbursements

department of psychology

Guidelines for Travel Reimbursements

Travel requests must be accompanied by a completed and signed expense report form with a source of funding indicated.

Attach the following to the travel expense report:

Original receipts for all travel expenses, including airfare, hotel and car rental, and all individual expenses that exceed $25.00. Turn in your receipts loose, not taped or stapled.

Original airline boarding passes for all flight segments
Itemized hotel bills
Original badge for attended conferences

Copy of the rate per day for the area traveled for meals paid on a Per Diem
Domestic rates
Foreign rates

Foreign travel receipts must be accompanied by a credit card statement showing the converted rate or, if paid in cash, a foreign exchange rate.
Oanda currency converter
When using your private automobile for transportation, an accurate record of miles traveled can be obtained through MapQuest. BC uses the federal guideline for the mileage rate.

When paying any expenses by credit card, please provide paperwork showing payment (a receipt with credit card number or a copy of the card statement).

Additional Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement from a Grant

Airline travel must be on a US air carrier when possible. For a waiver, see Fly America Act.

Alcohol, entertainment, and minibar purchases are not allowed.
Sales tax cannot be reimbursed, though meal taxes are allowed. However, when you subtract an alcoholic drink from your bill, you must also subtract the tax on the drink.