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Student Employment Instructions and Forms

department of psychology

Paid Hours

Hourly paid student employees are paid for actual hours worked. They are not paid for lunch breaks, holidays, or as a result of any emergency closing or early dismissal.

Using Kronos

Student employees must enter their own hours each week in the Kronos system, which is accessed through the Agora option Employee Time Reporting. Accessing Kronos requires a particular version of Java and the right browser; it usually works with Firefox.


If Kronos does not load on your computer, follow these steps to access it.

  1. Install and set up the Citrix Receiver if it is not already installed
  2. Use the + to Add Apps. Go to Browsers and click Kronos Access.
  3. Run the app to open a version of Internet Explorer that is compatible with Kronos.
  4. Login to Agora, click My Services, then click Employee Time Reporting.

Entering Hours

Students should enter their start and stop times for each day, making sure to save when done. Students must enter their hours each week before noon on Friday. Please note that hours must be entered from an on-campus computer.

If a student forgets to enter his or her hours, the student can email the Psychology office (, and we will input the hours. Never enter multiple weeks’ worth of hours on the same week (e.g., to make up missed hours); always contact the Psychology office in these cases.

If a student is awarded a URF (Undergraduate Research Fellowhsip) it is important for him or her to keep track of hours worked and the end date of employment.

Academic Year Employment

During the academic year employment period, a student may work no more than 20 hours per week in total between all his or her jobs at Boston College.

End of Job

Student jobs end the last week of classes. Students are not allowed to work during final exams.

Summer Employment

During the summer employment period, a student may work no more than 40 hours per week in total between all his or her jobs at Boston College.

New Student Employee Forms

A new employee must complete the Employment Eligibility and Verification “I-9” Process. The student must complete Section 1 of the I-9 form and bring that form, along with original documentation, to Student Services in Lyons Hall.

The student must also complete W-4 and M-4 income tax withholding forms and send them to HRSC in 129 Lake St. These forms are available on the HRSC website and from the following links.

Submit to Student Services (Lyons Hall): I-9 with documentation

Submit to HRSC (129 Lake St.): M-4 | W-4

Direct Deposit: Boston College pays employees (including student employees) via direct deposit with any bank or credit union. A new employee must sign up for direct deposit, which can be done through the Agora portal My Services page.